the amount of love and sweet words that were thrown my way yesterday I feel like I didn’t deserve. But it was so amazing.

I really do appreciate and will remember everything that was said to me.

Sometimes I feel alone. I feel kinda avoided or invisible. Like I’m really not present in anyone’s life but I’m just there. And yesterday made me feel so wanted and loved and like not everything I stand for and believe in is lost.

The comments and message I received were beyond what my soul could hold but I tried my best.

I hate it here yes, but it’s always easier when you have people who love you and believe in you. Who are there and who accept you. Who remind you of your worth even if it is only once in a while.

It means so much.

This is a reminder that you as a person have so much power to change someone’s outlook on something. Whether you think so or not, people will hear what you have to say and really take it in.

Be a positive change. Make someone laugh or smile or cry happy tears.
Don’t speak words someone wants to forget.